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Welcome to Patterson Park Pharmacy

Patterson Park Pharmacy has been serving the Baltimore community for over 90 years. The pharmacy has been transformed with renovations to the store design and advancements in technology. These improvements allow us to better serve our growing customer base and the evolving demands in healthcare. Patterson Park Pharmacy has taken steps to provide the latest features in pharmaceutical services. As a specialty compounding facility, we are now able to offer customers individualized prescriptions using the latest compounding technology.

Patterson Park Pharmacy is full service retail and compounding facility that is accredited by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB). Our accreditation holds us to the highest standards on our industry and shows our commitment to providing the highest quality medications. Compounded prescriptions are formulated to provide personalized solutions that address a variety of health and lifestyle needs. For our patients’ convenience, we offer free delivery and mailing.

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At Patterson Park Pharmacy, we offer many additional services for your added convenience.

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Customized Medications

Compounding requires advanced pharmaceutical knowledge combined with state-of-the-art technology to create customized medications for each patient.

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Hormone Therapy for Men & Women

Hormones affect many areas of your health. When your hormones are imbalanced, symptoms may impact your entire body.

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Pain Management

Pain is one of the most common reasons patients seek medical attention and one of the hardest conditions to cure. Customized therapies can improve patient outcomes.

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Veterinary Medications

Animals can be difficult to treat with traditional medications. We offer solutions that provide customized formulations to treat canine, avian, feline, exotic and equine animals.

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A Letter from our President, Saleem Shah

Saleem Shah

During my 19 years of pharmacy practice I have seen many twists and turns in the ever evolving profession of pharmacy. I have walked hand in hand with many who lived and breathed the mission of patient care and the active role of the pharmacist and pharmacies in our community.

I am the proud President of Patterson Park Pharmacy and today I would like to share our mission, core values and vision with you.


As a retail and specialty compounding pharmacy, our mission is to provide the best therapeutic outcome for our patients while being guided by the need for accuracy, speed and affordability. Our patient focused goals allow us to help develop the whole person on all levels; emotional, mental and economical.

To accomplish this, our pharmacy works closely with patients and practitioners to choose the best medication that suits the patient’s specific need. We also consider other factors such as addiction, side effects and non-compliance when selecting the medication and dosage form. By doing this, we hope to achieve the best therapeutic outcome by filling the gap and providing constant care to all patients who come to us for help.


Our service is guided by core values of authenticity, innovation, care, problem-solving, diversity, commitment and collaboration. With these golden values acting as a lamp unto our path, we see a healed society that is not afraid of increased economic development and abundance in all areas.


Through our speed, accurate, authentic and collaborative care, we envision an environment where maximum patient therapeutic outcome is achieved.

Thank you,

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