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Clinical Trials

Investigational drug trials and clinical trials are types of research studies to determine if a new drug or treatment will work for a specific medical condition. Clinical trials allow physicians, universities, research institutions, and hospitals to gain information about the benefits, side effects and possible uses of new drugs as well as different combinations, doses, or even new indications for existing drugs. Trials are also used to help patients better tolerate various treatments.

Patterson Park Pharmacy can participate in clinical trials or “protocols”. Our pharmacy team is dedicated to bringing research facilities, government institutions or private companies, the intensive quality control and extensive record keeping their protocol may require.

If your facility needs pharmaceutical development, please contact us. We can build a relationship of teamwork and communication with groups who value a specialty compounding pharmacy with extensive investigational or clinical trial experience. Patterson Park Pharmacy can meet the rigorous requirements of the protocol in a cost effective manner.

Please call or complete the form below to discuss your clinical trial needs.

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