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MTM: Medication Therapy Management

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is medical care provided by our pharmacists to help patients optimize drug therapy and improve therapeutic outcomes. We review the patient’s medication regimen and pin pointing interactions, under or over dosage or duplicate therapy. Nutritional supplements and OTC medications are also reviewed. For our patients’ benefit, we will contact their prescribers to share what we have discovered with our review. We will then work within the triad model – patient, prescriber and pharmacist to determine the best regimen going forward. Not only does MTM potentially save the patient money, it also helps keep the patient safe from possible drug interactions. MTM is free of charge for the patient, and eligible insurance plans are billed.

Free Delivery and Shipping

We understand that our patients may not always be able to come into the pharmacy. We offer free delivery within Baltimore. Additionally, we ship all compounded medications free of charge.


Invest in protecting your health today by getting protection through vaccinations against illnesses. Patterson Park Pharmacy offers vaccinations and immunizations that can be administered at your convenience. Please bring a written permission from your physician so you can get your shots that will be administered by our pharmacists.

Below is a list of vaccines that we offer:

  • Flu
  • Pneumonia
  • Hepatitis A Vaccine
  • Hepatitis B Vaccine Hepatitis A and B Combination Vaccine
  • Travel Immunizations
  • Measles, Mumps and Rubella
  • Tetanus-Diphtheria Vaccine (Td Boosters)
  • Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis Vaccine (Tdap Vaccine)

At Patterson Park Pharmacy, our vaccinations are cost-effective and offered at your convenience. You can call the pharmacy at 410.675.6046 or toll free 855.859.2517 or contact us through our contact form for more information.

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