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Wound Care

Wound care can be critical to the success and vitality of a patient. Bed sores or pressure sores are the result of prolonged pressure over bony body parts, which deplete blood supply and tissue nutrition. Skin ulcers can occur in diabetic patients, usually in the feet, and are a result of a combination of nerve damage and impaired blood circulation associated with chronic diabetes. In many instances the ability to heal a wound prevents unnecessary limb amputation.

  • Tissue growth stimulating gels or solutions encourage growth of healthy tissue
  • Topical bandages soothe hard to heal areas
  • ‚ÄčAntibiotic solutions maintain infection-free conditions and reduce pain and inflammation
  • ‚ÄčAntiseptics reduce infectious conditions

Many compounded therapies can be used to aid in wound treatment. In many cases topical applications are prepared with the appropriate base creams, lotions, or gel. Patterson Park Pharmacy utilizes proprietary bases specifically created for topical formulations to treat wounds. Compounded medications can be made without ingredients that often deliver unwanted side effects.

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